Things To Do while staying at the Whitecrest Resort


Whitecrest is within easy reach of some of Victoria’s must see tourist attractions. This makes it ideal as a romantic escape while being a base for a visit to the Twelve Apostles or for discovering the secrets of the Great Otway National Park.

Plan day trips to explore our coastal and forest wonders. You’ll find detailed brochures in our reception area.


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Things to do close to the resort

Numbers on the list below reference the map (above)

1. Discover a very private cove with a secret entrance

How to get there:

Walk to the front entrance of Whitecrest Resort and turn right.

Walk along the Great Ocean Road for a few hundred metres until you find
the first opening in the steel fencing – that’s the entrance to our secret track
leading to the original White Crest beach.

Stay on this track as it winds its way down to the Cove.

Have fun exploring the Cove!

2. Swim and refresh yourself at Onion Bay beach

This very special feature was used in the sailing days when access was
required to collect the locally grown farming produce.

Onion Bay beach was created by blasting the rocky shore to allow
access for the wooden transfer barges.

How to get there:

Walk to the front entrance of Whitecrest Resort and turn left.

Walk along the Great Ocean Road for a few hundred metres until you find a
dirt road/track leading off to the right.

Follow the track into the parking area then simply step down onto the sand.

This is a fabulous swimming beach for all ages.

Note: With parking available, it is also possible to drive your car there.

3. Drive up the hill to Cape Patton Lookout for spectacular views

Cape Patton Lookout is located at the Western end of the Wongarra Village coastal strip. It’s spectacular at sunrise or sunset and if you feel energetic it’s about a 2-hour return walk .

Along the way look out for:

San Jose – its a 6.15 hectare farm retreat on the left at the base of the
hill – originally it was a religious retreat complete with church/chapel.

Woods farmhouse – further up the hill, it is the only property located
between the Great Ocean Road and the sea. Interestingly it has its very
own landscaped lily pond.

How to get there:

From the front entrance of Whitecrest Resort turn left. Drive along the Great
Ocean Road until you cross the Sugarloaf Creek, it’s at the foot of Cape Patton.

Continue along the Great Ocean Road, which will gradually climb, you should
reach the Lookout in just a few minutes.

From the Lookout you will be able to see the vast Coastline all the way through to Apollo Bay.

Note: It’s a good idea to bring binoculars to enhance this experience; you never know you might just see a whale frolicking out in the ocean! Then there’s the farm animals to look for including sheep and cattle, a horse or two or even a donkey!

Off road car parking space is available.

4. See Koalas in their natural environment

How to get there:

From Whitecrest Resort travel along the Great Ocean Road to Cape Patton (see point 3 – how to get there) then continue further until you drive through the coastal forest area, the Koala habitat is here.

For viewing, continue to Kennett River then turn left off The Great Ocean Road to the local store. At the store turn left into Grey River Road then drive another 500 metres and start looking in the trees for koalas.

The Koala population does migrate, and have been seen visiting Whitecrest Resort and other homes in the area. As a tip, there is a very large population of Koalas living along the access road to the Cape Otway Lighthouse – another must explore part of your stay!

5. Enjoy a nice long walk to the Carisbrook Waterfall.

As it’s about a 4-kilometre return walk, we recommend you wear comfortable walking shoes and pack a water bottle.

How to get there:

Walk to the front entrance of Whitecrest Resort and turn left.

Walk along the Great Ocean Road until you arrive at the foot of Cape Patton where the Carisbrook Creek runs into the sea.

At the Carisbrook creek crossing, there’s an off-road car park, from there follow the path for a short climb up to Carisbrook Waterfall (more impressive after a rainfall).

Other larger Waterfalls such as Beauchamp, Hopetoun and Triplet can be easily accessed from Turtons Track in the Great Otway National Park.

6. See whales play with their calves in Onion Bay

These gentle giants visit from June to September and are often seen playing with their calves for several hours in the local Onion Bay – all in direct view of your very special front door. Click here for more information on Southern Right and Humpback Whales in Onion Bay on the Great Ocean Road

Things to do further afield

Enjoy coast based activities
  • The Twelve Apostles & nearby Loch Ard Gorge; all part of the
  • Port Campbell National Park
  • The Great Ocean Walk and its beautiful scenery
  • The historic Cape Otway lighthouse and their koala population
  • The vibrant seaside village of Apollo Bay – with its excellent range of restaurants, the fishing co-op and local produce at the fresh food stores
  • Walk the beaches including our own at Onion Bay

Click here for more information

Your drive to and from Apollo Bay
  • Visit some of the world’s great surf beaches at Torquay and Anglesea
  • Stop to discover the coastal history at selected scenic lookouts
  • Take in the Wye River General Store and its ‘private’ sandy beach
  • Stop at Kennett River where you have a natural bird sanctuary and a Koala population along the Grey River Road

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Explore The Otway National Park and nearby wonders
  • Otway Fly tree top walk – after travelling through the spectacular and pristine Otway forest using the fully sealed Turtons Track
  • Rainforest walks at Melba Gully, Maits Rest and Lake Elizabeth
  • Waterfall visits with beautiful rain forest tracks. Best at Triplet falls with others at Beauchamp, Stevensons, Sheoak, Erskine, Carisbrooke, Sabine, Mariners & Hopetoun falls
  • Adventure mountain bike riding along the dedicated tracks in and around the small village of Forrest.
  • Scenic Drives – make up your own discovery drive, but always take the utmost care when driving these forest tracks!

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Follow the Otway Harvest Trail
  • Takes you to great wineries, boutique food stores and renowned restaurants. This could include the historical town of Birregurra ; try the Forrest Brewery for a special lunch; or the world renowned Brae restaurant for a peak dining experience!

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*Visit the Apollo Bay Museum
  • Learn more about the history of our Shipwreck Coast that goes back for more than 200 years. This museum is open on weekends and during school holidays.

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A Special Gourmet Dining Experience

Enjoy a romantic dinner at the La Bimba or Vista restaurants in Apollo Bay, or Chris’s in Skenes Creek. With these fine dining restaurants, local produce is a speciality. La Bimba has their famed locally caught whole fish or the ever popular seafood paella – both served for two persons. Vista also specialises in ‘seafood by the sea’. With Chris’s, the menu follows a Greek theme and is always set to match with available/seasonal produce.

The Great Ocean Road Brewhouse and Casalingo are also well worth a visit.

To book at any of these gourmet restaurants, you may like to go through our receptionist at a minimum of three days in advance.

There is also the Brae restaurant out of Birregurra – an internationally famed gourmet eating venue that is best suited for lunch when staying at Whitecrest. Bookings at Brae need a much longer lead time so please talk with us when making plans.

And don’t forget other alternatives – the Apollo Bay crayfish season runs from mid-November through to the end of August each year – visit the Apollo Bay fishing co-op, located on the edge of the harbour, to make your own ‘live’ purchase. Or perhaps have some ‘fish and chips’ from there while relaxing on the small parkland that overlooks the harbour, the bay, and has an uninterrupted view of the surrounding Otway ranges.

The Apollo Bay Seafood Festival is a special treat in late February.

Whatever, please talk with our staff at any time to discuss the possibilities – what fits best with your needs and with the time of year you are with us.

Transport/Chauffeur Tours

Something special – we can organise a luxury car and driver for you to explore the wonders of the area. With this, it is important to book in advance to guarantee that the service is available on particular days. Please call us to arrange.